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Roboloco „Wish I had a family“

„Roboloco – Wish I had a family“ – 3D/real photo montage © jo jacobs Watch the animation movie „Roboloco“ here!


"Lampenglas" shot on iPhone, collage with photoshop mix,

Zweigleisiger Zug

zweigleisiger zug

Der Zug, der auf zwei Gleisen gleichzeitig ankam.

Wand I


jack of diamonds

I am glad to be part of the challenge, Her e is my jack of diamonds. What you think?

flowers plants & spices


facherbike I

faecherbike I, 3D DIGITAL ART made with Cinema 4D & Photoshop by

… and rain

        sketches made by jojacobs on iPad Mini with the wonderful paper 53 app

Valencia Street Art

by the way

Neu Fotos und Plakate:


Very sophisticated Sound installation on Kho Phangan.